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The Basics of Metallic Ink Printing

In a world where visual design reigns supreme, history has shown us how technological advancements have allowed society to move […]

Eco Solvent 101: From Inks to Printing

This might be the first time you’ve come to encounter eco solvent printing, so before anything else, we’ll break down […]

Image Resolution for Printing Photos: What You Need to Know

Many non-professionals in the photography and printing industry may have experienced this before. You download an image on the internet […]

Your Ultimate, Easy-to-Understand Guide to Flexographic Printing

People who work in the printing sector are all too familiar with flexographic printing. Yet, many don’t have any context […]

Seal the Deal with These Creative Business Card Ideas

Let’s be real, there are too many boring business cards floating around. Too many cards that don’t really convey what […]

Unique Brochure Ideas to Help Get You Noticed

Brochures have long been used by many companies to advertise their new products or services to create brand awareness about […]

Parts of a Brochure: What to Put in a Brochure

Regardless of the brochure size, color scheme, or the number of folds your brochure will have, it’s important to have […]

Choosing the Best Brochure Paper for Your Project

In a digital era, the printed components of marketing are often underestimated and categorized as ineffective and old-fashioned. However, there’s […]

Raster Graphics vs. Vector Graphics: Which One Should You Use?

For anyone who is new to the study of design, the difference between raster and vector graphics can at first […]

The Printer Showdown: Laser vs. Inkjet Printing

Laser printer vs. inkjet printer? It’s one of the most basic and most essential comparisons when it comes to shopping […]
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